What Kind of Scissors Do Barber Use?

Professional hairdressers and barbers tend to look for the best scissors to add to their toolset. Since they are professionals, their aim is to satisfy their clients and give them their desired haircuts. This isn’t possible unless they have all scissors that assist in hair cutting. The scissors used by barbers are different from regular scissors. In addition, there is no specific type of scissors they use!

 With 2021 just around the corner, the technology is at its peak. Now you can find excellent tools from the market that make your work easier and smarter. We can call them smart tools as they assist in smart work. Similarly, there are some smart tools used by the barbers and hairdressers. Hairdressing scissors are the most desired tools among these smart tools.

So, what sort of scissors do barbers use? Yes, these are better and more advanced than regular scissors. We are here to explain them! Let’s explore some of the kind of scissors used by professional hairdressers and barbers:

  1. Short Bladed Scissors

Length of the blade is one important factor to consider when choosing a scissor for you. There are some short bladed scissors that have relatively shorter blades. These scissors are mainly used for easy and comfortable cutting by the hairstylists. The barbers with smaller hands find them as excellent as these are lightweight and offer more precision and control. Also, they lesse any hand fatigue. These scissors mostly have blades ranging from 4 inches to 5.5 inches. These scissors are often used by hairdressers for women because they can try different cutting techniques such as detailing haircuts and slicing.

  1. Long Bladed Scissors

There are certain cutting techniques that require long blade scissors. For instance, scissor over the comb requires a scissor that can cover the greater surface of the area. The longer blades make sure that the cutting line is not crooked and is even. For this purpose, the ideal scissors are the ones that have blades of more than 6 inches length and may go up to 7 inches. These are the best scissors for blunt-cutting techniques for which keeping straight cutting lines is key!

  1. Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors are the types of scissors used for hair thinning. These are specially designed scissors with one side of the blade with teeth and the other straight. It is one essential scissor in every barber’s toolset. These scissors can take out even sections of hair and remove weight. There is a greater percentage of hair cut by the blade with teeth in a single snip. These scissors reduce effort and provide greater hair cutting advantage.

  1. Texturizing Scissors

At times, you need texturizing and blending scissors rather than thinning scissors. With a thinning scissor, you can cut more hair than you want. Hence, to avoid cutting more than required hair, use a texturizing scissor instead of thinning scissors. This is why barbers tend to use this scissor as it adds a thinner with more teeth. This will gently thin out hair with many teeth and prevent cutting more hair than needed.

  1. Swivel Scissors

Swivel scissors are the other types of scissors used by the professional hairdressers and barbers. These are easy and comfortable scissors to use and prevent any pressure and tension on your hands. That is why barbers necessarily have these scissors in their collections. These scissors have a rotating thumb ring that ensures more flexibility and provides better control. Hence, it reduces pain and discomfort and offers a great cutting experience.

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