Different Barber Scissor Features to Suit Your Every Need

Barbers need few tools for performing their job. The quality of those tools matters a lot for the quality output. Barbers do not deal with a small truck of tools to perform their jobs like haircutting, thinning, and hairdressing works. Few but high-quality tools enable them to perform these tasks with perfection. Barbers Scissors by K5 International are the best option ever to cope with the barber’s needs.

Best Choice you can ever make

It is not a tough job to figure out the top brands, but the massive Choice prevailing in the market has made it tough to choose the best. We have made it easy for you to get the best quality tools. K5 International is the name of excellence and trust in Barber scissors and other tools you need for your barber business.

Wide range of Scissors

We have developed hundreds of scissors which do your job efficiently and give you the best results. In haircutting, we have the following unique scissors. These scissors are the best fit for your requirements and needs.

  • Chrome barber scissors
  • Golden Damascus barber scissors
  • Pattern hairdressing scissors
  • Line hairdressing scissors
  • Multicolor hairdressing and haircutting scissors
  • Golden dragon barber scissors
  • Pro barber scissors
  • Curved right-handed barber scissors
  • Golden tail hairdressing scissors
  • Classic black hairdressing scissors

We have developed a wide range of Barber Scissors, keeping in mind the quality factor and the ease of use. These scissors are designed elegantly and professionally to cope with modern age needs.

Sizes you need in scissors.

The variety of colours and sizes matters when it comes to developing a professional and best tool. The size of the scissor is a crucial factor when it comes to performing different jobs. The thinning scissor may be other in size than the hairdressing scissors. K5 International gives you a wide range of Barber Scissors in various sizes.

The following are the various sizes that we offer for barbers.

  • 6 inches hairdressing scissors
  • 5.5 inches hairdressing and thinning scissors
  • 6.5 inches curved and chromed scissors
  • 5.5 inches black chromed haircutting scissors

Our Most Demanded Barber Scissors

All the models that we design at K5 International have high demand because of the quality, elegance of design and durability. Here are some of the most demanded barber scissors which we supply all over the world.

1. VG10 6” Hairdressing Barber Scissors Set

VG10 model is manufactured from the best quality, thoroughly purified stainless steel and under the supervision of professionals in Australia. VG10 model scissors have outclassed hardness, resistance against corrosion and abrasion.

The blades have superb sharpness, and the design is perfectly made. It is a masterpiece barber scissor which fulfil are the requirements of barbers. Our professionals have made it so an excellent artwork which will surely enhance the quality of your work.

2. Green Crystal Line Haircutting Scissors

Since we started our business, green crystalline hairdressing scissors are one of the best models we have manufactured. It has huge demand as it is cheap but serves you in many ways.

The manufacturing of this model includes modern age technology, unique design, and several quality checks. Our quality control department oversees the quality level at every stage of manufacturing. It has a calm-shaped design and corrosion resistance; it is durable and gives you perfect results.

3. Golden Damascus Hairdressing Scissors Set

Here is our winning product which has the record demand throughout the whole world. K5 International has made it incredibly outstanding.

We have utilized the finest and purified stainless steel in its manufacturing. We ensure the best quality scissors as these are made up using the computerized pattern.

4. Dragon Yellow Crystal Haircutting Scissors

K5 International is proudly presenting you with one of the best scissors for barber’s business. To ensure the same quality of the job we have designed it very carefully.

We never compromise on the process and pass every piece through many quality checks.

5. Pro Barber Scissor for Hair Thinning

We proudly present you with one of the most demanded barber scissors for the ultimate control and leverage. These pro barber scissors are made up of superior quality and purest stainless steel. Pro-Barber Scissor gives you the desired level of comfort and control while you use it. Further more, it comes up with:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Luxury packing case
  • Warranty of years
  • Chromed and textured blades

We have these famous scissors sets, and many more models like these. K5 International is the leading company in barber tools and scissors, serving the needs of barbers and other people. These are the most demanding models with a high level of satisfaction and excellent customer response. We consider customer satisfaction as one of our rewards. We have won the trust of our customers by supplying high-quality barber tools at low rates.

Here we will tell you some tasks that can preserve the quality and sharpness of barber tools. These tips are essential for your valuable tools.

Maintain the tension of your Barber Scissors

It is an everyday task; before using your barber scissors, it is considerable to check the tension of your barber scissors. An inappropriate tension can harm your wrist or leave you in a vulnerable state.

Hold the scissor vertically to check the tension, and lift one handle up until is the tension is fully extended. Then let go of the handle and see if it closes completely.

If you feel any resistance while using, then stop using the scissors and check the tensions. If the scissors are too tight to use and constantly use, you can damage them permanently.

Daily Cleaning of Barber Scissors is essential.

While work and use the scissors the whole day long, clean the Barber Scissors using a soft dry towel or tissue to remove all the hairpieces from the scissor blades. Furthermore, it is essential to clean out any moisture from the scissors.

Once you clean them thoroughly, you can put them to use again. It is sporadic, but if a client comes in with sand particles or grit in his hair, you must first remove the sand and grit from the hair. If you use the scissors carelessly, the sharpness and tension of the barber scissors will be affected.

Sharpening the Barber Scissors

If you use your barber scissors so often, then you need to sharpen the scissors. Barber scissors need sharpening more than hairdressing scissors because the usage of barber scissors is far more than the hairdressers.

Barbers spend their whole day using scissors while the hairdressers do many different tasks. So, the use of scissors is less in hairdressing job.

This is the main reason in a haircutting job you need to sharpen your tools. The often usage reduces the sharpness and sometimes the appearance of the blades. The devices start to reduce their shine and quality. But proper maintenance and care can enhance the quality of results.

Oiling the Barber Scissors

Now, these are the days of the pandemic, and professional barbers disinfect their tools or wipe them off to keep them safe for subsequent use. But whenever you clean, wipe, or disinfect your scissors, be sure to oil your haircutting scissors right after disinfection.

The disinfection removes all the traces of oil from the barber scissors and leaves them vulnerable to moisture, which ultimately causes rust and corrosion issues.

If you want to protect your barber scissors from these issues and problems, make sure you do a light oiling right after the disinfection of the scissors.


K5 International Hairdressing Scissors

We deal in the barber’s tools. These tools include haircutting, thinning, and hairdressing scissors. A professional barber needs many tools to work with, and we are offering you all those tools and scissors that will help you perform your job.

K5 International manufactures every tool with a unique design and employs modern technology and professionals to develop a masterpiece for its clients and customers.

We are proudly offering you the following hairdressing scissors.

6. Silver Damascus pattern hairdressing scissors set

Hairdressing is one of the most sophisticated jobs which a professional barber does. He needs the best quality tools for this job. K5 International is the best company dealing in this field for the last couple of years.

In this model, we are offering you the size variation as well. One scissor is 6.0” and the second is 6.5”. Our hairdressing scissors range is filled with special cutters in the barber industry for its premium quality. It is one of the best models and has high demand in Europe, especially in Australia.

7. Dragon purple crystalline hairdressing scissors set

Here is another unique model for a hairdressing job. Dragon purple crystalline hairdressing scissors are available in 6” size. It is the best model for hairdressing job at economic rates. This scissor model comes up with the following characteristics:

  • Japanese stainless steel 440C.
  • Available 6” in size.
  • Designed especially for right-handed professionals.
  • Adjustable screw.

These are the unique features of this model which make it prominent. K5 International has recognition in this field as we manufacture and supply the best quality barber scissors throughout the world.

8. Silver snake hairdressing scissors set

K5 International has come up with a unique, elegant, and attractive design ever. We have designed the sliver snake hairdressing scissors set for professional hairdressers. It gives you perfect grip, ease in doing the hairdressing job and enhances the leverage as well. Our silver snake model has the following unique features.

  • 6” size available in stock.
  • Sliver colour available in store.
  • Purified Japanese stainless steel used in manufacturing
  • Blades have convex edges.
  • Pasted an adjustable screw.
  • There’s a fixed screw for better grip.

These are the notable features in this model, which has increased the demand for this model. We have a vast stock of this stock and supplying it in the whole world.

9. Classic deluxe white line hairdressing scissors set

There are many models that K5 International has introduced in the market. Classic Deluxe white line hairdressing scissor is one of those models that create high demand because of its design, availability in different sizes and the quality of the material used in manufacturing.

It has come up with the following unique features which will surely attract you.

  • The classic deluxe white line hairdressing model has many variations.
  • We have 5.5”, 6.0”, 6.5” and 7.0” sizes in this model.
  • Thoroughly purified Japanese stainless-steel material used in manufacturing.
  • They are designed for right-handed professional hairdressers.
  • Blades has bevelled edges.
  • Adjustable screw.
  • Fixed fingers rest.

These are reasons which have increased the demand for classic deluxe white line hairdressing scissors set. We have the best Barber Scissors, including unique haircutting, hair thinning and hairdressing scissors.

10. Elegant blue professional hairdressing scissors set

It is the nature of all human beings that colours attract them. We have many scissors models in multicolour and single colour as well.

Here is our Elegant Blue Professional Hairdressing Scissors Set, which is beautiful in its appearance and work. Our elegant blue scissors have the following unique features.

  • Elegant blue colour
  • Available in 6.0” size.
  • Safe and attractive leather packaging.
  • The Finger rest is fixed.
  • Designed for the right-handed professionals
  • Bevelled edges of the blades.

Here are some unique features which attract the customers. This model is creating a massive demand in the barber’s market. Our Barber Scissors are comfortable to work with, providing you with proper grip and control over your job.

Our Policies Relating to Returns and Shipment

K5 International guarantees you the best quality and complete customer satisfaction. We have designed all the products by keeping in mind the needs of the market. However, we have a reasonable return policy as well. You can return the product within 14 days of the delivery. Here, it is essential to mention that we will be happy to do so without any charges if you want to exchange the product due to any critical reason.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order and get the best Barber Scissors ever.

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