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MARMARA - Barber Cologne After Shave 250 ml. Spray Bottle



Barber Cologne After Shave - Spray type 250 ml. by Marmara

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No 1 Fresh, No 2 Sweet, No 3 Spicy, No 4 Sweet

The Marmara Barber Cologne gives a feeling of cleanliness and comfort for a long time due to its permanent odor giving it coolness and freshness. After a perfect shave experience with Marmara Barber Cologne feel it all day long.

 " It is a must in a barber shop.

 What’s happening nowadays is that there is a shift to “barber cologne” – something more of a “eau de parfume” than “eau de cologne”… something in between. Smells better, heavily demanded. "

Made in Turkey


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