Top 10 Best Selling Hairdressing Scissors 2021

Regardless of you are an expert beautician or an irregular person who will trim hair at home, you can do the work well as long as you have the right hair cutting shears or scissors.

As there are a lot of scissors out there guaranteeing 'the best, do some examination. In this article, we will audit probably the best hair cutting shears and scissors in the market at present.

Before starting the discussion about the best hairdressing, haircutting, and hair thinning scissors you should about the features of the scissors. After then you will have a better understanding of the barber tools. You will be more certain and clearer in deciding on the selection of the scissors.

Three important points you should keep in mind before choosing a scissor

Hairdressing Shears Size: It is observed that a great many people will in general return the hair shears brought from online stores. That is a direct result of the erroneous scissor size. Shockingly, proficient stylists even end up in this abnormal position here and there.

The general size of hairdressing scissors that male hair professional’s use:

These are the sizes of the shears which are generally used by men barbers and hairstylists. While female hairstylists use comparatively short-sized scissors.

               Common sizes of hairdressing scissors that female hairstylists use:

  • 5 inches scissors
  • 5.5 inches, and
  • 6 inches hairdressing scissors

It is a general perception that these sizes of shears are comfortable for female hair stylists. It is easy for them to handle and these scissors do not create any tension for the wrist.

Hairdressing scissors types for performing different hair jobs:

  • Short Blades haircutting scissors

Short blades hair scissors have sizes that reach from 4 crawls to 5.5 inches. The astounding thing about more limited edge sizes is that you can perform most hairstyling procedures. Additionally, it is broadly accessible. This sort of hair scissor is ideally suited for stylists with more modest hands.

  • Long Blades haircutting scissors

Longer blades hair shears have sizes that reach from 6 inches to 7.5 inches. A more drawn-out scissor cutting edge functions admirably with pretty much every hairstyling method. Likewise, you can utilize it for various barbering strategies, for example, 'Over the Comb'. They fit consummately for beauticians with enormous hands.

  • Hair scissors for texturing 

These sorts of hair scissors accompany 30 to 40 teeth and can thin your hair easily. It ensures you don't pull huge lumps. Additionally, the 40-teeth diminishing hair scissors are the best instrument for thin hair. The teeth comprise V-molded cutting edges. The sharp teeth make exact diminishing movements.

  • Wide chopping hair thinning scissors

Thinning hair scissors accompany shifting teeth. At the point when you have fewer teeth, the diminishing scissors take out more lumps. These sorts of scissors have 10 to 20 V-molded teeth. They are broadly utilized for thicker hair. At the point when you are managing thick long wavy hair with a texturizing scissor of 40 teeth, you can comprehend why the eating diminishing scissors are helpful.


Types of Hairdressing Scissor Handles:

Depending upon ergonomics, there are a couple of various sorts of haircutting scissor handles for stylists and hairdressers.

  • Offset handle

K5 International in Australia, you can discover the most styling scissors with offset handles. The base ring has a balanced plan. Accordingly, it gives you an ideal hold. It decreases weakness on your fingers when you are trimming hair for a drawn-out time frame.

  • Classic handles

At present being used today, the exemplary handle configuration is exceptionally famous. Also, they give you insignificant ergonomics. The exemplary scissor handles are mainstream with stylists who trim hair for a more limited period.

  • Left-handed handles

K5 International has left-handed handles as well in stock, this type of scissor handles works the same way as other scissor handles. Notwithstanding, they are intended for left-gave stylists. You can get hold of the left-gave handle, crane, and offset plans uncommonly created for left-gave hair specialists.


Top 10 K5 International Hairdressing Scissors


We are selling tons of barber instruments all over the world. We have a wide range of haircutting, hair thinning, and hairdressing scissors. We guarantee you the quality and premium results every time you will use K5 international barber tools.

Here we will tell you about our top 10 selling hairdressing scissors which have huge demand. The demand is not only in Australia but all over the world. No matter if you are a professional or beginner in the hair field K5 International tools will help you to get perfection in your job.

Following are the top 10 selling hairdressing scissors that have huge demand and positive customer feedback.

  1. Professional Hairdressing Scissors Silver Damascus Pattern


Here is one of the top-selling K5 international hairdressing scissor models. We have developed this model as an attractive and premium quality scissor. By deploying the services of highly professional technicians and using Japanese raw material in its manufacturing, we have developed this masterpiece. Hairdressing scissor silver Damascus patter is a perfect tool that completes your barber tools kit and gives you perfection in doing barber jobs.

 Silver Damascus Patter model has the following unique features which attract professionals and hairstylists.

  • Available in two sizes 6 inches and 6.5 inches.
  • Ideal for male and female hair stylists.
  • 440C steel model is used in its manufacturing.
  • Specially designed for right-handed professionals.
  • Blades have convex edges.
  • The Finger rest is also fixed.
  • An adjustable screw is fixed to maintain the tension.

This model is used by both male and female hairstylists as it is available in small and large sizes. It is important to mention this model has rust resistance and will work for you with perfection.

  1. Professional Hairdressing Scissors in Damascus Pattern 

The blades require sharpening and the tension needs oiling, every professional do it after every use. K5 International scissors are sharp enough and the material does not require frequent sharpening. This model is attractive and gives a perfect result.

Scissor in Damascus pattern available in ideal size which is six inches. Both male and female hairstylists can use it with ease. It is comfortable and does not create any pressure on the wrist. Professional Hairdressing Scissors in Damascus Pattern have come up with the following unique features.

  • It is available in 6 inches size.
  • Premium quality material is used in the manufacturing process.
  • Available in golden color.
  • Specially designed for right-handed hair dressers.
  • 440c Japanese stainless steel is used in production.
  • An adjustable screw is there on the grip.
  • Finger rest is also on the ring.
  • Blades have convex edges.

K5 international scissors in Damascus pattern are the perfect exhibition of attraction with performance. The blades are precise and sharp, also comes up with lather covering which saves the sharpness of the blades and any other harm.

Normally barber scissors are made to give the barber a new experience and better results. K5 international scissors are ideal for hairdressing, haircutting, and hair thinning jobs as we have made every piece a master piece. Yellow dragon hairdressing scissor is an example of our excellence.

This model has huge demand not only in Australia but also in the rest of the world. We have used Japanese stainless steel in its production and hired professionals. After performing different quality checks on yellow dragon hairdressing scissors, we are more than assured that it gives complete customer satisfaction and we have received great positive responses from our clients. This model has the following features.

  • Available in 6 inches size.
  • Premium quality Japanese material is used in its production.
  • Available in polished silver color.
  • The blades are sharped and have convex edges.
  • Specially designed for right-handed hair stylists.
  • The Finger rest is fixed.
  • The adjustable screw is also there on the grip.
  1. Dragon Handle Hairdressing Scissors

When it comes to quality, perfection and economic rates K5 international dragon handle hairdressing scissors are the best options. The price is affordable but the design, color, and material is of premium quality.

We have performed quality tests on this model and it has the quality certification. When we talk about usage, the smooth grip gives rest to the wrist and you do not feel any pressure even you work the whole day long with k5 international dragon handle hairdressing scissors. There is a huge demand for this model as well, especially in Australia. It has the following unique features

  • Available in 6 inches size.
  • Attractive golden color.
  • Designed for right-handed hair stylists.
  • Premium quality Japanese stainless steel is used.
  • The Finger rest and adjustable screw are fixed.


  1. Multi-Color Hairdressing Scissors 

We have small scissors which are used by females as it is available in 5.5 inches. It is attractive as there are multi-colors in this model. We have a special model for those who love to work with small size barber tools.

Multi-color hairdressing scissors have the following features.

  • Available size: 5.5'' inches
  • Material: Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Shading: multi-color
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Hand: Right
  • Sharp edges: Convex Edge
  • Screw: Fixed
  • Finger Rest: Fixed
  1. Professional Hairdressing Scissors

This is a wonderful scissor that is available in many sizes like 5.5 inches, 6, 6.6, and 7 inches. You will have an amazing experience using K5 international professional hairdressing scissors.

It is one of the most selling barber tools which almost every barber wants to have in his tool kit. It has the following features.

  • Accessible Sizes: 5'5, 6'0, 6'5 and 7'0'' Inches
  • Material: Made from great Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Shading: Matt hued.
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Edges: Beveled Edge.
  • Hand: Right
  • Finger Rest: Removable.
  • Screw: Fixed.


The ideal tool for all types of thick, thin, heavy, or light hair. It gives you perfect results in every use. The design and grip are really elegant and creates no pressure on the wrist.

K5 international offers you premium quality barber tools at low prices. Professional 440C yellow crystal hairdressing scissors are the best option for hairdressers and for those who want to cut their hair. It has the following features.

  • Available Sizes: 6.5" Inches
  • Material: Made from premium quality Steel 440c
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Shading: Polish silver wrapped up.
  • Hand: Right.
  • Sharp edges: Convex Edge.
  • Finger Rest: Fixed.
  • Screw: Adjustable



Professional curved hairdressing scissor is one of the best-selling items of K5 international. In Australia and the rest of the world, its demand is increasing day by day. It has come up with the following features.

  • Available Sizes: 6.0'' Inches
  • Material: Made from great Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Shading: Matte Silver Finished.
  • Hairstylist Scissors
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Edges: Convex Edge.
  • Hand: Right
  • Finger Rest: Fixed.
  • Screw: Adjustable


  1. Elegant Blue Hairdressing Scissors for Barbers

Here is another K5 international top-selling product that has created high demand in the world. We have developed a sophisticated strategy to manufacture our products and it is the perfect exhibition of our excellence.

We have used high-quality material in the production of this model and it has come up with the following features.

  • Available Sizes: 6.0 Inches
  • Material: Made from top-notch Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Shading: Blue Polish Finished
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Sharp edges: Beveled Edge.
  • Hand: Right
  • Finger Rest: Fixed
  • Screw: Fixed



No matter what type of hair job you want to do either hairdressing, hair thinning, or hair cutting work gold tail scissor is the best option. It has two different colors the blades are of silver color and the tail has a golden color. Gold tail hairdressing scissor has the following features.

  • Available Sizes: 6.0'' Inches
  • Material: Made from great Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Shading: Golden
  • Hairstylist Scissors
  • Scissors Type: Barber Scissors
  • Edges: Beveled Edge.
  • Hand: Right
  • Finger Rest: Fixed.
  • Screw: Adjustable

These are the K5 international top-selling hairdressing scissors which have huge demand in Australia and the whole world. We are dealing in barber tools for the last multiple years. If you need any kind of barber tools feel free to contact us.