K5 International manufactures and supplies the best quality barber instruments. We deal in all types of Barber Scissors, Hairdressing Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Hair Thinning Scissors. Not only this, but also the barber cape and hairdressing cape. We are working in this field for last many years and have manufactured many types and designs of scissors. Customer satisfaction is our priority and it is one of our rewards we get. K5 International never compromises on the quality of the products.

If you want to experience the high quality and low cost hair Barber Scissors, Hairdressing Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Hair Thinning Scissors, hairdressing cape and barber cap just let us know. We give you surety of the best quality of all the products we manufacture, because our procedures and quality checks. Our production is done under the supervision of professionals and we perform many quality tests on the products. This is the reason many people prefer K5 International barber instruments.

What we Really Focus on?

K5 International focuses on the quality of the products and most importantly the customer’s satisfaction. We manufacture elegant designs hair thinning and cutting scissors. Here it is essential to mention that K5 International manufactures hair scissors not only for barbers but also for home based usage.  Now you can trim your hair from your home.

Silicone is the material which most of the people demand in the preparation of such type of instruments. It is our recognition that we work according to our customer’s instructions. The size and structure even the packaging. We do all of these tasks according to the instructions of our customers.

Hair thinning is a job which requires much concentration and experience. Furthermore, the instrument you use for hair thinning should be up to the standards. If you use an outdated, un-sharped and rough scissor for hair thinning it will bring you pain. Not only with hair cutting but the result you will get will disappoint you. We keep this factor in mind while we manufacture our hair cutting scissors. We use such material which gives you long lasting sharpness and make it easy for you to do a better hair cutting work.

K5 International barber instruments comes with elegant packaging. We use eco-friendly packing strategy. Our packing preserves the product and save it from damages during transit. We make it sure you get best always you get in touch with us. Our hair cutting, hair thinning, hair trimming, and hair styling scissors are made up of 100% stainless steel which have great resistance against rust. The scissors are crafted to perfection, combining ergonomic and functionality with aesthetic design.

K5 International concerns with the design a lot. We keep it in mind while we manufacture our hair cutting scissors that it must be safe while using it. We round the edges to avoid any possibility of injuries. As it is mentioned above, the packing is also up to the safety standards. Furthermore, the grip is so comfortable.  It is our distinction that we provide you with more than your expected quality of barber instruments.