Where to Buy Barber Shop Accessories in Australia

Whether you run your own barber shop or need accessories for essential grooming at home, you need professional equipment to do the best job. There are plenty of options online for barber shop accessories, but if you’re looking for quality you need to go with a brand that you can trust. With many people taking care of their own personal grooming nowadays, you should ensure you buy products that are going to last and give the best results. If you are trying to find professional barber shop accessories in Australia, here are a few tips.

Tips for buying barber shop accessories 

Before you make a snap decision, it’s advisable to shop around and look for the best deal. Don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest option, however, as you might lose out on quality. If you’re looking for something that’s long-lasting, check to see if it has a warranty, for example. Avoid sets and packs as well in order to save money unless you need everything in there. It’s often better to spend more on the individual item you require without wasting money on additional barber shop accessories. This way, you’re guaranteed better quality.

If you offer professional barber services, then it’s vital to choose the best products for your clients. It’s definitely worth investing a little the first time around so you’ll be able to achieve the desired results and create good word of mouth for your business in the community.

Barber Shop Accessories

Check out the range at K5 International

At K5 International, we offer a wide selection of barber shop accessories, so you can rest assured you’ll find what you’re looking for according to your own unique requirements and budget. You also have the advantage of free and fast delivery service. Our range of barber accessories are of a high professional standard, and suitable for salons and mobile hairdressers.

If you’re working as an experienced barber or new to styling, we’ve handpicked the best equipment for you. Our collection of essential barber equipment includes hairdressing combs, razors, brushes, and replacement blades. Our products are suitable for home use but are still salon-quality, so you’ll be able to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Combs and sets

A decent comb is one of the most essential barber shop accessories in your kit. We have a wide variety of unisex hairdressing combs available both individually and as sets. You can either opt for a set of multi-use combs or choose a high-end individual barber comb. Our combs are available in different materials ranging from aluminum to carbon, or wood. We only sell durable combs and comb sets suitable for both professional and personal use.


Another important tool used by barbers is a quality razor. There are different types of razors, those that are designed for hair removal, hair shaping, and hair thinning. What you use them for depends on the look you’re going for. For beard shaping, a professional hair shaper razor is the most suitable. If you’re looking to shave completely, then you invest in a quality hair removal safety razor. If you need a more delicate tool for eyebrows, hair thinning, or hair slicing, you can opt for a thinning razor comb. We also sell multi-purpose razors with changeable blades.

Shaving accessories

To go with a razor you’re going to need other shaving accessories whether you’re a professional barber or taking care of your personal grooming. A good quality brush is always recommendable. At K5 International we offer a range of shaving brushes in both natural and synthetic materials. These also are available in sets with safety razors. If you use a safety razor it’s always better to buy a better quality one and replace the blades every so often. You can buy single and double edge blades from our online store.

If you run your own barber shop or salon, then there are few other accessories you might need. Look for a non-slip mat as you’ll need somewhere to set up all your tools. These also help protect any surfaces from electronic products are they’re heat-resistant. We also have professional salon water spray bottles and clipper combs for holding longer hair in place.

Whether you’re a professional barber or just want to create an expert look at home, check out our selection of the best barber accessories. Our products at K5 International are affordable without compromising on quality. With free shipping all around the country, you won’t be able to find a better deal for barber shop accessories in Australia.