Why Do Barbers Or Hairdressers Wear Aprons?

If you own your own salon or barbers have you considered providing your team with an apron as part of the work attire? Aprons have come along way over the years, changing from an unfashionable piece purely for practicalities to something that is both used for protection and as a stylish piece of clothing. Aprons come in all shapes and sizes, with many different designs meaning you can find one the not only represents your brand perfectly but also benefits from protecting your team’s clothing and is hygienic. Most aprons come in one size meaning it fits all, reducing the need to buy multiple sizes depending on the employee’s own body size. Aprons are also easy to keep clean as they can be put in the wash using normal household products. Below are four different benefits to wearing aprons at your barbers or hairdressers.

Looks Professional

If you and your team wear an apron when cutting your clients hair, it makes the salon or barbers look more professional. It allows the team within the salon or barbers to wear whatever they like underneath (within reason) allowing them to feel comfortable when cutting but also gives a uniformed look to the business. Depending only your clientele, this can make you look more professional and show you care about hygiene and how your business looks. Plus, due to aprons being fashionable, it can allow you to represent a certain look depending on what you are aiming for. You can also choose different materials to bring a different textured appeal; these also have their own benefits like being more durable and allowing even less hair to attach to them.

Protect Your Own Clothes

When cutting peoples hair, it can go everywhere and when landing inside your own clothing can become uncomfortable and itchy. By wearing an apron you have a protective barrier that stops the hair from getting into your own clothing. Hair also sticks to the outside of your clothing and can be hard to remove without using a lint roller or brush. This means that when you get in the car on the way home or move around the building you can find it everywhere unless you have cleaned yourself down beforehand. When cutting hair you are also using a variety of products that could splash back onto yourself. By wearing an apron you protect yourself from these, reducing the chances of ruining your own clothes.

barber aprons

Cheaper To Provide

Instead of providing your team with a full uniform, an apron can represent a uniform but without the costs of having to buy everything. An apron is one piece of clothing that your team can use in conjunction with their normal clothing. This is easier to manage and allows your employees the freedom to wear what they would like underneath, meaning once they finish work they can just take off the apron and go out instead of having to change. Plus, your team can just leave their apron at work meaning they don’t have to think about anything before working. If they do take it home, you can have multiple spare aprons in the staff room that can be used if they forget one.


By the time you have turned up to work in the day, your clothes have been in contact with many things from the outside world. This means that many germs have attached themselves to you, that could potentially be passed on in the salon or barbers. Just think about how many people you pass when on the bus to work, or how many times your touch something then touch what you are wearing. By wearing an apron you can prevent your customers from coming into contact with the particles that have attached themselves to you from the outside world. Thus making your salon or barbers a cleaner environment to cut hair for you and your customers. When customers walk by, they may be more inclined to visit your salon or barbers due to seeing that you are wearing aprons and care about your staff.

Aprons provide many benefits to not only a business but the people wearing them. It helps protect your employees from germs as well as the customers who visit your barbers or salon. As mentioned above, aprons can be a fashion piece and bring a uniformed look to your business which is professional and fashionable at the same time. Do you wear aprons and what are your reasons for doing so? What’s your favourite material for your apron? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.