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Ceylinn Keratin Smoothing Treatment 100ml Kit



Ceylinn provides the Kera-Force effect. It captures moisture in the hair, giving it strength, softness and radiant shine.

The New Generation of Hair Straightening. Use Ceylinn Keratin, 2 step system to straighten and smooth hair without harsh chemicals.

No smell, no fumes, no smoke, no formaldehyde and is dermatologically tested.

Ceylinn Kera-Force straightening Keratin treatment System works to smooth, reduce volume, eliminate frizz, and rejuvenate the hair.

Professional Keratin System 100ml Kit Includes:

Step 1: Purifying Shampoo 100ml

This shampoo cleans the hair and removes product residues. Opening the cuticles, prepares the hair perfectly for the Kera-Force straightening treatment.

Step 2: Kera-Force Straightening Treatment 100ml

Partially rinse the Step 2 Kera-Force straightening treatment to make the hair easy to blow dry and iron.

Full instructions included with the pack.


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