K5 International Barber Product

Metal Guides Clipper Attachment Combs Set




NEW & IMPROVED clipper blade Combs!

Metal Clip On Guide 8-Piece Comb Set

Metal clip attaches firmly to clipper blade.

Now Number-Coded for easier identification!

Professional-caliber comb attachments allow precise hair trimming for easier, more effective grooming. Each comb features a number-coded, clearly labeled end for convenient differentiation and simple selection. Grooming combs' rounded ends penetrate your pet's coat quickly, but without the risk of gouging skin. Allows you to cut hair to a uniform length just using one blade for all. Easy to use.

Engineered to glide effortlessly through all types of pet hair for a clean, comfortable cut.

 Metal clip securely attaches to blade.

Adds cutting versatility to your clipper

Number coded for easy identification

Includes a clear, hard storage case

#8  – 25 mm

#6  – 19 mm

#4  – 13 mm

#3  – 10 mm

#2  – 6 mm

# 1+ 1/2  – 4.5 mm

#1  – 3 mm

#1/2  – 1.5 mm


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