Top 10 Barber Scissors Brands in Australia | 2021

A barber as well as the client knows what the right scissor means to both! The perfect barber scissors that makes the work easier and enjoyable for both the client and the hairdresser.

So, it is more important for the hairdresser to have the right set of tools so that he ends up making his client feel satisfied, happy and comfortable rather than disappointing him.

We all know how important scissors are to the barbers. In fact, it is the most important tool in their tool set. So, if you are a professional hairstylist, it is crucial to find the right set of scissors. However, where to get the best scissors?

In Australia, there are several barber scissors brands. It is sometimes difficult to identify which is the best among them. However, we have compiled a list of top Australian barber scissors brands after a detailed research. In 2021, the following are the top 10 barber scissors brands in Australia to find and buy the perfect hairdresser scissors:

  1. K5 International

K5 International is easily the best and leading barber scissors brand in Australia. In 2021, there is no better choice than this if you are eager to exceptional quality and professional barber scissors.
They have such an extensive range of scissors ranging from hairdressing and thinning scissors to complete scissor sets. So, being a barber, if you are looking for a complete tool set consisting of all professional scissors, you can get it from K5 International. Their prices are the lowest in the market and they also offer free delivery services in Australia!
Barber Scissors Brands in Australia
  1. Scissor Tech
Scissor Tech is another renowned barber scissors brand in Australia. They offer professional hairdressing scissors at incredibly affordable prices. They offer Matsui precision scissors, all branded scissors and all types of haircutting scissors. Apart from scissors, they stock all the barber tools and accessories along with thinning scissors.
iCandy Scissors offer a range of stylish and colorful scissors. Their gold scissors are among their masterpieces. They are one of the reliable brands to buy barber and hairdressing scissors. They have such an extensive selection of scissors. You must check their stock on their official website if you are interested in buying a few!
Japan Scissors have become extremely popular in the recent times. They provide professional barbering and hairdressing scissors and provide free shipping of scissors in Australia. Their cutting and thinning scissors are the best you will find in the market. Also, their scissors are pretty economical.
  1. Scissor Hub

Scissor Hub is indeed a hub of barber scissors. For all the professional barbers and hairdressers out there; there is a great selection of cutting scissors at Scissor Hub. Their stock is worth an exploration. So, make sure to visit their stock and find the highest quality scissors they provide!
  1. Dewson Scissors

Dewson Scissors has gained the attention of the professional hairdressers. It is a renowned and trusted brand for buying scissors online. They have a vast range of scissors, including all the barber accessories. No matter which scissor you are looking for; they stock every scissor you might have been looking for!
i-Glamour offers a wide range of tools and products. However, their barber scissors are among their special products. You can buy hairdressing scissors from their large collection of scissors. They stock almost every barber tool you need, such as hair clipping extensions, waxing tools and everything a professional hairdresser needs to have.
Scissor Man is a trusted and reliable brand providing scissors of all types. They are ranked among top brands in Australia and you can shop scissors online from their official website. They deliver your ordered scissors to your address. Their prices are also quite economical along with fast shipping.
  1. Mizutani

Mizutani also provides a significant collection of items, and their barber scissors are their specific items. You can find all professional barber scissors, cutting and thinning scissors from their stock. Indeed, one of the best online destinations in Australia to buy hairdresser scissors, barbering shears and all other barber tools.
Bladeology Australia specializes in all bladed tools. They provide knives and scissors made of excellent quality steel. They have all the barber scissors in their offerings. Also, they offer all types of blades to get that perfect shave. Their scissors are also excellent for comfortable and easier hair cutting. So, ensure to explore their collection of scissors!


So, these are some of the top brands that provide barber scissors in Australia. You can explore the collections of each brand and find some of the masterpiece scissors. In addition, you can buy your favorite scissors from any of these stores online and get them shipped to your doorstep!

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