Things to Consider When Buying Hairdresser Scissors

A professional barber needs to have a complete set of tools before he calls himself a professional. A barber or a hairdresser knows what equipment he requires in order to accomplish his tasks on a routine basis. So, what are the important tools for a barber or a professional hairdresser? Most importantly, he required a set of scissors that may include hair cutting scissors, thinning scissors and a few more. In addition, he needs a pair of combs, electric shavers, trimmers, clippers, hair cutting cape and a few more items.

However, the most important tool among these is the scissor. A scissor is the basic necessity for every hairdresser. So, if you are a barber trying to gather his tools, the first thing you have to buy is hairdresser scissors. Mind it, it's not that straight forward. You have to consider a few things when buying scissors. Since you are a professional, there is a small margin of error. You want to give your customers a great hair cutting experience. For this purpose, you need to have the best scissors; in fact, the right scissors.

best Hairdresser Scissors

So, how to buy the best scissors? Being exports, we can suggest a few perfect ways to purchase the right scissors. You will end up buying an ideal set of scissors once you finish reading this article. Hence, to buy the best hairdresser scissors, following are the important things to consider:

The Right Scissor Size

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your scissor. Forget if it is the right handed or left handed scissor, size matters the most. You have to get the right size. It is not necessary that the scissor has to fit perfectly into your palm. The ideal size is what feels comfortable during hair cutting.

A Comfortable Handle

Another important thing to consider is the handle of the scissor. It must be comfortable enough so that you get a good hair cutting experience. Your thumbs must stick into the rings perfectly, and it must not feel uncomfortable to your thumbs. A nice and comfortable handle ensures a great hair cutting experience.

Scissor Material

The material used for manufacturing the scissor is very important. There are several different materials being used for making scissors. Most commonly, steel is the material in this regard. In addition, there are other materials that are used in combination with steel. You are welcome to choose the scissors made of a combination of materials with steel. However, you have to choose the right type of steel. Ordinary steel won’t do; choose stainless steel. Stainless steel is by far the best material used for making scissors and their blades. It is strong and sturdy and hence the scissors would be durable. You will be able to use these scissors for a long time without any scissor malfunction. So, make sure the material is stainless steel so that you get that much-needed durability!

Buying Hairdresser Scissors

The Type of Blade

Every scissor has a certain type of blade. Generally, there are two types of blades, convex blade and beveled edge blade. A beveled edged blade is created by mixing materials and is lighter. It has micro serrations and is great for new hairdressers. On the other hand, a convex blade is ideal for experienced professionals because it helps in smooth, clean and flawless cutting. Hence, you need to decide on the type of blade based on your experience. If you are a newbie, better get a beveled edge blade to ensure safety of your client.

Compare the Prices

When you choose to buy a few scissors, make sure to compare their prices. At times, a few stores charge more price for a similar scissor. So, you can explore a few stores and check the price for the same scissor. You may end up buying the best scissor for a comparatively lower price from a different store. So, make sure to check the price for the scissors you are buying in different stores.

Buy Your Scissors From a Reputed Company

The final and the most important thing to consider when buying hairdresser scissors is that you buy from a well-reputed company. You will find hundreds of stores providing quality scissors but not all those stores can be trusted. You must enlist a few top ones and then decide on the company. You can compare their prices, products and read reviews on their scissors to get an idea about the excellence of their scissors.

So, make sure not to buy cheap scissors from a company that is not recognized. K5 International is one of the best companies offering hair cutting scissors for economical prices in Australia. It is a renowned, trusted online store providing quality scissors of all types. Also, they offer free delivery service in Australia!