Best Hairdressing Scissors that complete your kit

Sometimes it becomes an irritating and confusing decision for barbers to choose the right tools for hairdressing. The tool kit plays a vital role in the performance of the hairdressing job. K5 International has put all the tools which are essential to perform a hairdressing job. K5 International has manufactured hairdressing scissors using modern technology, which has made it easier to get perfection in this job. Professional barbers and hairdressers know the importance of the right set of tools. That's why they feel comfortable with the hairdressing scissors that k5 international has made.

Types Hairdressing Scissors, K5 International Has Manufactured

Through extensive study, analysis and knowledge of the hair market, K5 International has come up with different styles, designs and models of hairdressing scissors. Through this extensive knowledge and years of experience, we have developed many winning barber's tools. Here we are going to introduce you to some hairdressing scissors which indeed attract you:

1. Multicolour dragon pink crystal professional hairdressing scissors

There are many features of this model, and we have manufactured it multicolour to make it more attractive. It is perfectly polished and designed especially for right-handed professionals.

Some of the unique features of multicolour dragon pink crystal professional hairdressing scissors are:
      • Available in 6" size.
      • Purified Japanese stainless steel.
      • Multicolour and perfectly polished.
      • Flexible size of order.
      • Finger reset is fixed.

    K5 International has manufactured this model to give smooth cuts, and sharp edges of this shear make it easier for the hairdressers. It is easy to work with and soft feeling while cutting hair and doing a hairdressing job. As a professional barber, it does not stress the hands and finger when you hold it in your hand because it is perfectly made and professionally designed.

    2. Green crystalline hairdressing scissors

    Here is another fantastic hairdressing scissor model, using modern technology, modes of production and professionals, which has made it an incredible hairdressing scissor. It is one of our winning models which is creating its room in the hair market.

    Green crystalline hairdressing scissors have the following unique features:

      • It is manufactured using 440C Japanese stainless steel.
      • In stock right now and a running product.
      • Available in 6"inch size.
      • Adjustable screw.
      • Developed for right-handed professional barbers.

    Green crystalline Hairdressing Scissor is an ideal barber scissor for all types of light or heavy hair. The best features of the green crystal model are its elegant design. The oversized sharp blades are helpful to get a professional result. Furthermore, the edges are tightly fitted for getting a perfect haircut. 


    3. Golden hairdressing scissors

    One of the most winning products in the hair industry is our Golden Hairdressing Scissor model. It has an attractive design, color and grip. K5 International has a distinction in quality and technology. We do not let the quality fall. Customer satisfaction is our reward and recognition in the hair market.

    Our golden hairdressing scissor has the following unique features:
      • Available in 5.5"inch size.
      • Golden and shining perfect polishing.
      • Blades have convex edges.
      • Fingers rest is fixed.
      • Flexible ordering size.

    Golden Hairdressing Scissors are incredible and high-quality hairdressing tools. No one has any doubt that the quality and durability of the tools affects the results of hairdressing jobs. To support the professionals and new barbers, we have developed this model. It enables you to have a perfect grip and no stress while using it.  


    4. Dragon silver line hairdressing scissors for barbers

    The demand for hairdressing scissors is increasing day by day. K5 International is committed to cope with the market. We have manufactured many models; dragon silver line hairdressing scissor is one of those models.

    This model has many unique features; some of the features are as follow:
      • Available in two sizes, 6.0" and 7.0."
      • High-quality purified Japanese stainless-steel material is used.
      • Shining silver color is available in stock.
      • The screw is fixed.
      • They are designed for right-handed professional hairdressers.

    Dragon silver line hairdressing scissor, especially for the professionals who strive for perfection. Its design is elegant and comfortable to Use. Even you use it the whole day long you will not feel any stress on your hand. 

    5. Gold tail hairdressing scissor

    When you search for economic and high-quality hairdressing scissors, K5 International is the one name that comes to the minds of professional hairdressers. So K5 International has come up with this fantastic model. Gold Tail Hairdressing Scissors is one of the best models which we have introduced in the market. It is competent concerning design, technology and manufacturing techniques. But the main thing which attracts people is the rates.

    Here are some unique features of our Gold Tail Hairdressing Scissors:
      • It is available in a 6"inch size.
      • It has a golden tail.
      • Perfect grip.
      • Shining and polished
      • They are designed for right-handed barbers.
      • The adjustable screw is pasted.

    6. Sus 440c Hairdressing Scissors

    Sometimes quality overcomes the price, and the results compensate the amount you have paid for the product. Sus 440c Hairdressing Scissor is a model which gives you quality more than your expectations. We have developed this model using advanced technology because we always strive for innovation in our products.

    Sus 440c Hairdressing Scissors models come up with the following unique features:
      • Available in 6.5" size.
      • Sus 440C material is used in manufacturing.
      • They are designed elegantly for right-handed professionals.
      • The adjustable screw is fixed.
      • Flexible ordering size.
    The tools like this model complete your tool kit. The quality of the tools matters when you talk about the results of the hairdressing job. K5 International assist you in this regard. We provide you with the best quality hairdressing scissors.


    Standard Features of Our Products

    1. K5 International hairdressing scissors are comfortable and lightweight. We have used highquality cobalt infused and purified steel which gives an excellent experience for slide cutting as it stays sharp for a longer time.
    2. Some of our models are available in multiple size variations. Sometimes the grip and quality of results depend on the size of the tools. K5 International offers you different sizes of hairdressing scissors, and you can choose according to your needs. We have introduced many articles in the hair market, performing well and assisting the professional hairdressers.
    3. The material we use is the best purified Japanese stainless steel. To ensure the quality of the products, we do not compromise on the quality of the material.
    4. To make it attractive and elegant, we have presented many multicolour hairdressing scissors. Our models are lightweight and create no stress on your hand, even your work with them all day long.
    5. The blades of the scissors are sharp enough to give you the best cutting experience every time you do haircutting. The hair thinning scissors with the tooth is unique in design. The tooth is sharp and gives perfect results. The elegant handle in scissors bring the thumb into a natural position for haircutting and thinning work.
    6. All the haircutting, hair thinning, and hairdressing scissors come with elegant packaging. Leather packing ensures the safe delivery of the products. We pay proper attention to every step of production, from scratch to the final product.
    7. K5 International scissors are the top choice of professional barbers. It is not because of quality but the variety of colour options we offer.
    8. Since K5 international has been established has proven to be a staple tool in the kit of every hairdresser. All the scissors are made up of purified high-class Japanese steel. K5 scissors represent the excellent value of money. We are presenting a wide range of hairdressing scissors to cope with all the cutting styles and are incredibly comfortable tool to use.

    Why K5 International Hairdressing Scissors are the best to choose:

    Our Japanese style made hairdressing scissors which provide professional barbers with an excellent experience every time they use them. Our products like haircutting, hair thinning, and hairdressing scissors are commonplace in barbershops, salons and hairdresser as they are the most reliable scissors for these jobs.
    Many people turn to the cheaper scissors as they are an affordable choice, but K5 international can often be the best value choice as they sustain sharpness for a longer time. So, you get more time to use these tools. Hairdressers and barbers turn to the k5 international scissors to deliver a professional experience every time to their clients. Our hairdressing scissors are regarded in the hair industry as the sharpest and the best hair cutting tools. We have vast customers equity, and we feel proud in serving them. Every time they come to us, get the premium quality hairdressing scissors.

    Reliable K5 International Hairdressing Scissors

    There may be some multitasking scissors, but you must need a proper pair of hairdressing scissors if you want to cut hair. Our scissors come in a surprising range of shapes, budgets and sizes, but they are typically lightweight, elegantly designed and very sharp. Most hairdressing scissors have classic straight blades, but along with this, we have also designed thinning scissors if your hair is thick and curly. These thinning scissors are designed in a way that they have comb-like cutting edges on every blade. This design makes the hairdressing job more manageable and results-oriented.
    Tips for using Hairdressing Scissors

    It is not that you have brought scissors and keep using them without any maintenance or cleanliness. Your tool kit also needs proper cleaning, oiling, and maintenance. Here are some of the tips to use hairdressing scissors for a long time.

    Careful Use of barber tools

    It would help if you used hairdressing scissors with care; gently and carefully using them can increase the useful life of the scissors. If you use them carelessly, drop them down the counter or accidentally fall on the hard floor, damaging the alignment, or the blades can be broken. In addition, the edges may get damage which reduces the quality of the scissors. If the scissors get damaged or nicked when they fall, you need to repair them before using them again.

    Proper Cleaning of the Hairdressing Scissors

    When you use the hair shears throughout the whole day long, the hair stuck in the screw. That's why haircutting and hairdressing scissors maintenance begins with routine cleaning and disinfecting. Every salon and hairdresser have its own scissors cleaning requirements depending on its usage. Most of these clean them right after twice or trice usage. K5 International recommends you keep it clean right after every Use. This is because it does not take much time to remove the hair. But sanitization may take one or two minutes. So, sanitization of the scissors is essential twice a day.

    Properly Store the hairdressing scissors

    There is a minor issue with the sanitization, and it creates rust if you do not oil the scissors. After cleaning, sanitizing and oiling them, keep the haircutting scissors in a way that keep them safe and dry. It will enhance the useful life of the tools. It is suggested that after using, cleaning and sanitizing the hairdresser scissors, keep them back into the tool kit. It keeps them safe from any possible damage or drops from the table.

    Keep checking the tension of Hairdressing Scissors

    It is not that only blades need to be sharp, but the hairdressing scissors also need sharpness while using them. So, it is essential to check the tension of the hairdressing scissors continuously.
    If the shear is too tight or too loose, it can ruin the quality of your hairdressing work. Similarly, too little tension can damage the blades. When haircutting becomes dull, it is a sign that scissors need sharpening. Therefore, it would be ideal if you got it serviced by a professional sharpener.
    K5 International Return Policy K5 International tries its best and gives 100% in the product's manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. A product rarely gets damaged, or return makes by the client. However, we have a return policy according to the laws and regulations. We accept 14 days return after the delivery has been made. If you want to exchange the product, we are happy to do so without any high cost.

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