How To Shave With A Straight Razor

There are many reasons why men are a little daunted by the prospect of shaving with a straight razor. If you’ve never done it before, we’re going to detail the steps you’ll need to take in order to get it right. That way, you’ll be able to adapt quickly without hurting yourself.

If you’re still wondering why shaving with a straight razor is the best way to shave, it all comes down to how close the shave is. If you want a smooth finish and you want to look sharp, it makes sense to shave with a straight razor. Read on to find out how to do it properly and safely.

Start by Preparing Your Skin

 The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your skin is properly prepared for the shave. The shave will only turn out the way you want it to if you get the preparation stage right. The skin needs to be both warm and lubricated in order to achieve the very best outcomes. You can do this by showering before you shave so that the skin is wet and clean. Some people prefer to use hot towels to prepare their skin. This will also ensure the pores are open. Then all you need to do is add some pre-shave oil to the skin.

Hold the Razor Correctly

 Next, you need to think about the way in which you hold the razor. This is something that’s easy to get wrong when you’re shaving with a straight razor for the first time. There’s obviously no blade protection so the way you hold the blade has to be done with more care. The index finger should rest on the back of the blade while your ring finger wraps around the tang. Practice this hold before you actually start shaving.

Learn How to Load the Blade

 When the time comes to actually start using the razor for shaving, you obviously need to load the blade. This isn’t too complicated but it does, of course, need to be done carefully. You’ll usually need to lift the metal catch and fit the blade carefully; it might be easier to understand how this is done if you first watch a video. That way, you’ll be able to follow the visual steps necessary to fit the blade safely and correctly.

Shave with the Grain

 Your shaving technique is very important and the first, as well as the most important rule to follow is to always follow the direction of your hair’s growth when shaving. You want to go with the grain and never against it. This is important because it helps to make sure you don’t cut yourself, and it will also make irritation and ingrown hairs far less likely as well. Shave downwards in a straight direction, using a smooth motion.

Keep the Angle Steady 

Keeping the angle steady will ensure you don’t cut yourself while shaving. To be precise, you should aim to keep your blade at a roughly 30 degree angle to your skin. This will help you to cut the hairs of your face easily, smoothly and precisely. You should start by shaving down the sideburns and then downwards on the cheeks before taking care of the central areas of your facial hair.

Change Your Blade Regularly and Store it Carefully

You should make sure that you’re changing the blade of your razor on a regular basis. Each time you use it, it will become a little more dull and you’ll run the risk of irritating your skin. It’s also important that you think about this from a hygiene perspective. Changing the blade keeps it fresh and hygienic, and before you change it, you need to wash it and store it carefully to keep it clean.

Cool Your Skin After Shaving

When the shave is over and done with, you should take steps to cool your skin. You can do this by rinsing away the foam with some cold water. You might also want to use a cold damp towel to wet your face. It’s a good idea to soothe your skin with a balm as well. This will help calm the skin and cool it down, combatting any potential irritation caused by the shave.

It might sound like a lot to learn at first, but you’ll quickly develop the techniques needed to shave safely and effectively with a straight razor. If you follow the advice outlined above, you’ll be able to avoid any mistakes that might otherwise lead to you hurting yourself.