Where to Buy a Barber Cape in Australia

This year has been a very strange one, but if there is one service we have realised we need, it is barbers. With one of the longest lockdowns around the world, we have come out the other side with a new sense of gratitude for the outside world, seeing our family, and getting our hair cut. While some embraced the lack of barbershops and came out with hair a lot longer than when lockdown struck and headed straight to their nearest barber shop, others tried to cut their own at home, sometimes to disastrous results. For barbers themselves, it led many to consider how they can improve their business going forward, or for others to decide to open up their own barber’s shop. As a barber, some things are just staple with what you need to open and run a shop. You need a chair, tools to cut hair with and also a barbers cape.

What is a barbers cape?

A barbers cape is one of the most important things you will need for many reasons. But what exactly is a barbers cape? Put simply, it is what a barber will put over the person who is having their hair cut. It goes over clothes and fastens at the back. While a barbers cape might seem like a simple piece of fabric, there is actually a lot of thought that goes into the design of it. Barbers capes need to be resistant to chemicals, waterproof, fade-proof, dye proof, lightweight and comfortable to wear. They also need to be easy to clean (particularly in the current climate).

Why wear a barbers cape 

A barbers cape is used by barbers to put over their clients to ensure their clothes don’t get ruined. The hair process can involve a lot of steps such as dyeing the hair as well as cutting it, and without a barbers cape, this could go all over their clothes and ruin them. Not only does this leave them with an unsatisfactory experience, but they could also sue you for damages to their property. To keep the whole process clean for both parties, easier to tidy and avoid any issues, a barbers cape solves all of this. A barbers cape can also be branded and designed to market your company.

Types of barbers cape

There are many barbers capes out there, and the versatility of the materials, colours, textures and finishes means that you can tailor it to your business. There are lots of things you want to think about when it comes to choosing your barbers cape, but in order to give the best customer experience possible, you want to keep them at the forefront of your mind at all times. As well as the type of material that you use, you also want to think about the type of closure. There are ones that fasten with velcro, clips, elastic or hooks and it is up to you to decide what is best as all have their positives and negatives. Velcro is cheaper and easier but can also cause hair to get caught. Capes which fasten via a dual lock are a good idea as they fit better on the neck, but are also more comfortable for the client too. The type of material you choose also reflects back on you. If you are wanting to exude a premium and exclusive look then you are going to want to invest in a cape which is made from high-quality fabric. This will give off a much better impression to your customers and also have them feeling like they are receiving a more premium experience. It is the value of customer experience that has them recommending their friends to you and also coming back time and time again. While a premium barber cape might be a little more expensive in the short term, it is well worth it in the long run. Spending a little more also means that it will last longer and you won’t have to keep replacing it because it has got damaged or worn out.

Where to buy a barbers cape

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