Which Pet Grooming Scissors Are The Best?

Taking the time to get your dog groomed isn't just good for your furniture and carpets, but it's all about hygiene for your dog, too. A DIY dog grooming session may take time, but if you're buying pet grooming scissors and equipment for your business, you're going to be in need of advice on the right pet grooming tools.

If you are offering pet grooming, the first thing that you have to do is research the best pet grooming scissors money can buy. These need to fit your budget and they need to work to make your grooming sessions as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet. From thinning scissors to downward curved scissors, there are a range of products out there that your pet is going to benefit from. There are plenty of options, both budget pet grooming scissors and high-end grooming equipment, so no matter your budget you'll be able to find something that works well for you and your pet. You need the right construction, the right sharp edges and the best in pet grooming scissor safety. This whole process has to be a comfortable one, and as a basic rule, your kit needs to have those top-end scissors for professional groomers.

The best pet grooming scissors should be easy to use and with a little know-how, you can make it possible to have a happy, healthy and tidy pet. Your pet will benefit from regular grooming and be far more relaxed - and when you use the right tools you'll encourage their humans to come back to your business again and again.


At K5 International, we've got some of the best pet grooming scissors around, offering comfort and care to both you and your pet, no matter which scissors you choose. We've got a range of curved, straight and thinning pet grooming scissors to suit all pets. Check out some of the scissors in our collection below at the best prices around.

Pet Grooming Curved Downward Scissors 8.0 Inches

Professional pet grooming scissors, these are made from the highest quality stainless steel and are comfortable in your hand. They curve downward with a fixed finger rest and convex edge. These scissors offer smooth cuts and sharp edges, making pet grooming easy! It's easy to handle and offers that smooth cut every single time. There is no stress on the hands or fingers during use, and the blades are tight in their fit. Perfect for thick and heavy hair just as it's perfect for thinner pet hair.

Pet Grooming Straight Scissors 8.0 Inches

Straight scissors are just as important for pet grooming and these are incredible in their quality. Smooth cuts make for easy handling, and they suit all types of pet hair. The straight blades give an even cut, and these are perfect for right-handed pet groomers. The razor-sharp edges will always offer a clean cut, and you can cut for longer without stress on the fingers.

Pet Grooming Hair Thinning Scissors 7.5 Inches

As well as downward curve and straight scissors, these slightly shorter thinning scissors are made with the highest quality silver chrome Japanese stainless steel. It's designed to be as comfortable a cut as possible and the fixed finger rest alleviates any strain on the hand. You want the perfect haircut for each of the pets that come your way, and thinning scissors work for all thicknesses of hair.

Pet Grooming Curved Upward Scissors 8.0 Inches

We have already talked through downward curve scissors, but upward curves are just as important. These silver chrome, high-quality scissors are 8 inches and perfect for an even cut. Suitable for all hair types, you'll be able to offer a brilliantly smooth cut easily!

When you choose pet grooming scissors, be aware of the different types of tips, from rounded tips to sharp ones. Rounded tips can be safer, as while the edges are sharp, the tips don't offer any risks of cutting the pet. You also need to give the grip more thought before you buy, too.

Your hands are going to be doing careful work and the wrong scissor grip can lead to hand cramping - not something you want with a pet and a pair of scissors in your hands! Grooming your client's pets shouldn't be hard. You need efficiency and when you choose the right pet grooming scissors, you'll be able to keep yourself and your client's pet comfortable. Choose K5 International for your pet grooming scissors today, and you'll be choosing the quality you need.