Tips To Choose Barber Scissors Sets in Australia 2021

Any hairdresser worth their salt digs deep when it comes to learning how to choose barber scissors sets. Choosing the right barber scissors sets is important if you are planning to unleash your awesome skills on the public in Australia, and as a professional, you should spend a lot of time deciding which barber scissors set you'd like to use. As with any skill, tools matter. Builders will choose the best tools to build walls and houses, and barbers must do the same for their customers. The right scissors should not only meet all your needs but feel comfortable in your hand - and on your client's head!

Below, we've put the best tips together for choosing barber scissors sets so that you can make the best possible decision!

Think Comfort

The very first thing to consider is how your scissors set feels in your hand. You are going to be standing for some time to cut your client's hair, and you need a comfortable scissors set that won't strain your wrist or hurt your hands as you use it. Elbow and wrist strain is very common for hairdressers, but the right scissors can lessen the risk. You don't want to develop RSI or feeling the strain while you work, so you have to be careful to choose the right scissors set. The perfect scissors that fit your hands need to be tested before you buy them.

The smallest finger should sit on the finger rest on the side of the scissor handle, and the next finger has to sit just in the top finger hole, with the first two fingers along the stem. The thumb should be in the thumb hole and the grip shouldn't be painful. If you can do all of this without any awkward maneuvering, then the size is comfortable. Once you are comfortable, you're going to be able to work better for longer and with far more precision.

Barber Scissors Sets

Check Scissor Size

You'll likely check this when you check the comfort of the scissors set, but the size really does matter. They should be long enough to cut hair quickly, and the longer the blade, the faster you can cut hair. Barber scissor sets have to be longer and larger than most scissors types as they are more comfortable that way. The normal barber scissors sets are six inches long or more, and thankfully, most scissors come in this size. You can buy scissors that are smaller than this, but you're thinking about comfort here, so look closely at what would be most comfortable for your hand. Large scissors can be too heavy, so test them out when you go to buy them.

The Scissor Type

There are different types of barber scissors sets that you should consider when you are buying for yourself. These include:

  1. Short Blade Hair Cutting Scissors. These are between 4 and 5.5 inches long. These are capable of withstanding any hair technique, and they're the most common scissors around. If you have smaller hands and are on the shorter side, you'll find that these are the perfect addition to your toolkit.
  2. Long Blade Hair Cutting Scissors. These can go between 6 and 7.5 inches and they're mostly used for over the comb techniques.
  3. Texturising Thinning Scissors. These have thirty to forty teeth instead of flat blades, and these thin the hair slowly.

The Dominant Hand

One more factor you should consider is whether you are left or right-handed. Barber scissors sets are either left or right-handed, and you shouldn't mistake these if you want to remain comfortable and able to do your work. Choose the right ones for your dominant hand so that you are not uncomfortable throughout the appointments.

Scissors Or Shears: Know The Differences

When you look for your barber scissors sets, you should think about getting the correct ones. Shears are a longer blade, up to 7 inches, where scissors are usually shorter and used for precision cutting. Your barber shop needs you to be precise in your cutting techniques, and the differences between scissors and shears are slight enough to miss. They're basically the same, and as the sizes are different you can get what you need when you shop around.

Choosing the Right Brand

Lastly, you want to make sure you choose a great brand. The right brand guarantees the best scissors, so do your research to make sure that you have the best barber scissors sets in Australia. Once you choose the right brand, you can offer the best to your clients!